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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to ragnvaeig.

Birthday Wishes

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to charlybird. 


Well, it's over, at least for me.  Still one more class session and a final ball until 5:00 pm, but the near 8 hour journey here has me thinking it best to get an early start.  Yesterday squeezed in 7 classes; 1 bransle class (French country circle dances-fairly easy), 4 Italian Ren classes (including the Volta. A tricky dance horribly choreographed in the movie, Elizabeth.), and 2 English Ren dance classes (note, not English Country Dances).  All followed by another Ball and After Ball Party.  Again I pooped out at only 2:30 am.  This morning I finished up with one more Italian Ren and English Ren class for an event total of 15 classes and three Balls.  All around a pretty good time.  So time to pack up and head for home.

Jul. 4th, 2009

Whew!  First day of dancing over.  Took six classes, four were Italian Renaissance and two English Country Dancing.  All were followed by the Ball.  Lots of fun.  Quit about 12:30 am.  Just not as young as I used to be.

Known World Dance Symposium

Been a while since I posted, so here goes.  I'm in Canada, McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario to be exact, for the SCA Known World Dance Symposium.  Left State College 12:40 pm.  Reached New York 5:13 pm (stopped for food on the way).  Crossed the Peace Bridge to Canada 6:47 pm.  Passed Canadian customs 7:27 pm.  Arrived at McMaster University about 8:30 pm and am now about to go do some dancing.  See ya later.

September 11

What a day to start posting on LJ.  Substituted at State College High today and at the beginning of morning announcements they held a moment of silence in remembrance.  That day began normally enough.  As I wasn't called to sub that day, I took my daughter to school and went to take care of some chores and do some shopping.  I came home and turned on the TV to see the WTC burning.  The news announcer was saying that a plane had crashed into it and details were still not available.  Some reports were that a passenger jet had crashed into it but that was nearly impossible.  Passenger planes didn't fly that low over NYC and there were no reports of any such flights having any problems.  More likely it was a private or at least a charter flight that got tragically off course.  They were just saying that there was no evidence that this was an act of terrorism when BAM! the second jet hit the second tower.  At that point the odds of simply errant flights became rather remote and terrorism became the primary suspicion.  I pretty much stayed glued to the TV all morning.  Saw the wreckage at the Pentagon and reports of a flight crashing in PA.  When my daughter came home she said she knew something had happened but her school didn't give any details.  I know this is a cliche now but it was a day that changed everything. 
    On this anniversary let us remember those we lost and those who suffered losses that terrible day


Hi, I'm new to lj. 

They made me do it.




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